Regional General Board & Parliament

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A letter to FWUSY from the president:

Dear USYers,
This year, I’d like you to embark with me on a journey of success, failure, improvement, struggle, and hard work. Outlined below is the application for this year’s Regional General Board. Please take note of the questions asked and focus on answering them directly. RGB is a serious commitment and is not suited for everyone. Please devote adequate time to evaluating yourself, your role in the region, and your contributions to the region regardless of this position. The application will be due on Friday night, August 19, before Shabbat. This ideally gives you plenty of time to spend working on your application. Please do not wait until after your summer commitments finish to work on this application. We understand the time constraint and will take that into consideration during our selection process.
Please navigate through the application very carefully. Before you write extensive responses to the questions outlined in the app, I highly recommend that you open up an external document so that your responses are saved. Once completing the response, you can copy and paste your writing into the form and submit your application. Every applicant will be required to answer three personal questions. By answering these questions, you will automatically be considered for the Parliament, an independent body headed by our Parliamentarian Carmen Levine. But more on that later.
You will then encounter descriptions of each cabinet member and his/her respective position. The cabinet member will outline personal and collective goals. An aspect of the application that will not be included this year is job descriptions and titles. This year, if you choose to apply for an RGB, you will not be limited to one task within that position. Rather, our vision is to create collaborative, unified boards, consisting of members who are willing to go out of their comfort zones in order to get the job done.
The focus of your application should be your PASSION. For example, if you love Ruach, tell Jeffrey how you want to restructure ruach/slowach sessions or how you want to bring new people into the middle of the circle to create an inclusive environment. Despite the fact that the application is generalized, your job will be specified, so keep this in mind while writing your application.
RGB this year will be a different type of commitment than it has ever been before. You will have a smaller, more intimate group of people working with you and supporting you. However, there will also be fewer people working with you, so it is likely that more work will fall on your hands. Accountability will be HUGELY important this year. By applying for RGB, you are signing up to devote hours and days toward the betterment of this region.
Unfortunately, not every applicant will receive a position on this year’s regional general board. We recognize that there are so many zealous leaders in this region who will stop at nothing to see their goals come to fruition. If you do not hear the result that you desired, please do not give up on your dreams. Change is most effective when it comes from the heart. You do not need a title to be a leader. Please remember this throughout the application process and know that you are valued for who you are regardless of this decision.
Far West, we appreciate you. We appreciate your ruach. We appreciate your steadfast dedication to this region. Thank you. Have a great summer, and we’ll see you in the fall.
With love,
Noah Lee, President
-on behalf of the Far West Cabinet




Hi everyone! I’m Carmen Levine and I’m your Parliamentarian this year! As many of you know, this year’s Parli has the duty of overseeing Parliament, a body of USYers dedicated to helping improve the region. By applying to Parliament, you get the opportunity to do something never been done before, since this is the first year Far West has a Parliament.

So you might be thinking: sounds great! But what will I actually be doing on Parliament? Basically, the role of parliament is to serve as a think tank that will come up with ideas to help improve the region. My goal is to make sure your voices are heard, and together we can do this!


President RGB

Here we are. The first of many. The President’s RGB is honorable, time consuming, productive, and progressive. In year’s past, the only ones applying to the President’s RGB have been convention co-chairs. This year, however, the president’s RGB will expand to cover more than just one event. Here are the goals of the President’s RGB:

-Plan the absolute best convention ever.
-Gather the exiles of this region by introducing members of this RGB to represent each subregion of Far West. San Diego, the greater Los Angeles area, and most importantly the Midbar subregion will have representatives in order to plan inter-chapter programs and establish consistent communication between the regional board and the chapters of each subregion.
-Raise awareness of the sheer awesomeness of summer programs. Ideally, this person will have been on a summer program in recent years and has the passion to share what he/she experienced with the region. This person will create summer programs creative tfillot and sichot, as well as constantly making plugs/announcements during meals and casually throughout the course of USY weekends.


Executive/Programming VP RGB

Shalom Far West! I’m Jeffrey Gold, your Executive Programming V.P. I need some awesome, outgoing, super cool people to work with this upcoming year, helping to make Far West the best it can be! All these goals listed below can only be accomplished with your help, so if you have a love for either Ruach, programming, or regalia, make sure to complete these really fun questions below!

-In addition to Junior and Senior Class Programmers, add Freshman and Sophomore Class Programmers to Exec RGB, creating a more welcoming atmosphere for the lowerclassmen, while also giving them experience in planning programs.
-Create a Google form so all USYers can request regalia that they want to be made by the Regalia Coordinators.
-Have the Ru-Rockers and Sloachers make the Ruach videos and be able to set up personalized video calls with USYers who want to learn a certain Ruach or Sloach song (working with Nadavoosh).
-Have only three Ru-Rockers/Sloachers, who will be specifically assigned to a time of Ruach throughout each kinnus. Each weekend, they will change between times of being in the middle of the circle. For example, if Johnny was assigned to lead ruach on Friday night, next kinnus, he would be assigned to Saturday night Sloach. Before each kinnus, I will submit a Google Form asking who wants to lead Ruach or Sloach at the upcoming kinnus. The person in charge of each time of day day will compile a group of 3-4 of these people that applied, and they will join in the middle of the circle to help lead Ruach or Sloach that day.
-Have fewer people on the outside of the circle who don’t know the words, and make the Ruach circle all one layer, therefore having Ruach in a bigger area (outside at Convention) (working with Average Joe).

Exec RGB
This year, the Exec RGB will accomplish lots of things, one being the creation of bonding activities for lowerclassmen, represented by the addition of freshman and sophomore class programmers. Also, the Exec RGB will increase the involvement of USYers in daily Ruach, by having the Ru-Rockers/Sloachers in the middle of the circle with non-Exec RGB USYers. Lastly, the best RGB in Far West will set up a Google form where USYers can request regalia that they want to see at the next kinnus produced by the Regalia Coordinator.


Israel Affairs VP RGB

My name is Idan Mualim I am your Israel Affairs VP. This year I really want to expand on Israel and what Israel means to you all!

Some goals I have this year:
-Israel sichot
-add/use the Israel Tab on our far west page more apparent
-Increase pilgrimage numbers
-Connect with each IA and push for their goals as well
-Use our Far West Israel updates Twitter and Facebook page to give you guys news
-Win the International Israel Challenge and have a regional Israel Challenge
-Bring back Most Israeli Seminars new and improved with advocacy
-Have each USYer learn and connect with Israel

Specialty Chair: Israel Component

The Specialty Kinnus is a Far West program that brings all aspects of Far west into one kinnus. This is the Israel Co-Chair for the Specialty Kinnus. This co-chair will be in charge of planning and executing this Kinnus, along with the Chapter co-chairs and the other co-chairs. They will help come up with creative and fun Israel programs for this Kinnus as well as help out with the Saturday night program and logistics.

Israel RGB: Israel Ninjas

Like before the Israel Ninjas will be in charge of informing the region of what is going on in Israel. Their job will also play a role during lunch at kinnusim, and will sit with the Israel Affairs VP at a table to provide information on current events and activity going on in Israel to interested USYers. On top of that they will be helping with any Israel projects this year! For example the regional and international Israel challenge and our Most Israeli Seminars. They will also be planning Israel sichot and be helping me help our Chapter IAs reach there goals! I’m really excited to work with this position and see what they can do this year!


Religion/Education VP RGB

Hey Far West!

I’m Nadav Kempinski and your Religion/Education VP for the upcoming year. I want to make Judaism one of the reasons why people come to USY again, and I need your help. I plan on honestly giving it my all so people connect with their religion, and here’s how I’m thinking of doing it:
-The main focus of the Rel/Ed RGB is truly utilizing the Chapter Rel/Eds this year. They have so much collective brainpower and creativity, and they are the personal connections for each person in the region. If they’re passionate, the region is passionate.
-Add recordings of services and Torah readings onto the website, along with a Traditions Bank so people can check to learn it all.
-As a T’fillin wearing NJB, I want to push people to wear a Kippah, Talit and T’fillin more often.
-Further the region’s commitment to Parsha Plays, Music Shacharits, T’Fillah Coordinations and Heschel Programs.
-Make TorahBytes (an International USY program) further connected to our region.
-The region should have a better understanding of the holidays as they all come up.
-Instill the value of loving everybody (senselessly) into the region! 🙂
Rel/Ed RGB

The Rel/Ed RGB is in charge of everything when it comes to Religion and Education. Each member will be in charge of dynamic committees over the entire year. These committees will do anything and everything related to Judaism and USY. The Rel/Ed RGB will be working their butts off this year to make sure the region knows that Rel/Ed is where it’s at!
Specialty Kinnus Co-Chair (Heschel)- Heschel Co-Chairs plan Heschel Sessions (engaging/meaningful activities related to Judaism) at each Regional Kinnus, plan the Heschel track at the Specialty Kinnus, and live up to the namesake of Abraham Joshua Heschel himself! They’ll also be in charge of the Traditions Bank, a new online bank of Jewish traditions that the region holds so USYers can bring home what they experienced at regional kinnusim!


Social Action/Tikkun Olam VP RGB

My name is Brandon Kaufman I am your Social Action/ Tikun Olam (SA/TO) VP. Being my second year on cabinet I am excited to surpass the previous set achievements involved with Far West SA/TO.

Some of my goals for the SA/TO RGB this year are:
1. Start a SA/TO Blog
2. Make the dance-a-thon bigger and better than ever
3. Have an AYA gala
4. Work with chapter SA/TOs on having SA/TO Sunday programs that are meaningful to their chapters
5. Have new Social Action Sessions
6. Have the first ever Far West Regional SA/TO day
Specialty Chair: SA/TO Component
The Specialty Kinnus is a Far West experience that combines education, awareness, and action concerning SA/TO, Religion/Education and Israel Affairs into one all-encompassing Kinnus. This specific co-chair will work alongside the regional Rel/Ed, Israel Affairs and SA/TO Vice Presidents, the Hechalutzim Kinnus chair, the Heschel chair and the host chapter to plan this Kinnus. The SA/TO co-chair will be responsible for constructing creative and inventive services, sichot, speakers, the Israel and SA/TO programs, and the Saturday Night Program. In addition, they will work with the rest of the SA/TO RGB on various programs throughout the year
The SA/TO RGB position is going to work on various SA/TO programs throughout the year. This group will work together on programs such as the dance-a-thon, SA/TO Day, the Social Action Session, as well as much more. This position is very open ended so that the title of each RGB member doesn’t limit what they can do on RGB.


Membership/Kadima VP RGB

Hey y’all. Joey Abeles here, your Membership and Kadima (Mem/Kad) VP. This year in Far West we’re going to strive to enhance the region to a point at which teens and kids beg to be involved–and when they do join, they’ll feel so welcomed that they won’t be able to wait for more.

•Reduce the intimidating factors of USYers’ first Kinnusim by:
-Creating a Far West Dictionary/survival guide (clarifying all those pesky terms and abbreviations we use that befuddle onlookers, making them feel left out)
-Reducing exclusivity of ruach (working with JeffDog on this): opening up the circle, changing up the Ru-Rocker system, having seshes to teach ruach songs
•Integrate the Buddy System into FWUSY (this entails pairing new members/Kadimaniks with experienced members to allow a smooth transition)
•Create an official Kadima song (currently we use the USY song and it’s hella awk)
•Encourage chapter counterparts to revamp their respective Kadima and Mahar events
-Encourage chapters to create Mahar (2-3 grade version of Kadima/USY) if they don’t already have it
•Encourage chapters to implement (if they don’t already have it) a B’nei Mitzvah membership presentation (in front of the whole shul. This is huge in getting those parents on board with their teens’ involvement, especially after repeated exposure) (working with Nadavchik on this)
•Plan and create a KICK-BUTT Kadima Kinnus and 1-2 Kadima Days.
•Open our listening ears to the needs of the community–we are constantly on a quest to fix up our youth group: we’re going to make a special effort this year to listen to teens and parents who are in or not in USY and find out why, and what we can do to improve. (hand in hand with the focus of the parliament, ft. Carms Levine)
-Coffeehouse Blues: meet at a coffeehouse and discuss blues. Meet prospective parents/members, and those who have avoided USY, to see what’s wrong and what’s right with our current membership system.
It’s a lot, I know, and it’s a little intimidating. That’s why I’m going to count on my motivated, dedicated RGB. To clarify–this RGB is more than just a title. We’ll be working our butts off this year to make these changes happen. Applicants are expected to be prepared to take their positions very seriously. Keep in mind when writing your application that I am expecting the effort you put into this app to reflect the effort that you will put in throughout the year if selected to the board. I will be looking at these applications nameless, so don’t expect to be accepted based on your rep!
I’m looking for hard work, dedication, and passion from this board! Show that you are able to commit with a super application!

Mem/Kad RGB
The Mem/Kad RGB position is going to work on various Mem/Kad programs throughout the year. This group will work together to achieve higher levels of membership, attendance, involvement, and awareness. This position is very open ended so that the title of each RGB member doesn’t limit what they can do on RGB. Most of our projects will be deliberated together, but individual merit will be valued.


Communications VP RGB

Communications Regional General Board

Hey Far West, I’m Talia Harnoy, your Communications VP for the 2016-2017 year. It’s going to be a great year and I’m beyond excited to work with all of you:) !!

Main Goals:
Launch BuzzFWUSY (Far West USY version of BuzzFeed)
Monthly Newscasts/ live news at events
Regional event recap videos
Give more exposure to the Kol Hama’arav Blog
Use Social Media to keep USYers all over the region up to date with the latest and greatest Far West news.

Comm RGB
I’m looking for some extremely hard working and dedicated people to help me work on everything communications related. As part of the Communications RGB, you will be given specific positions and/or positions that you will all have to work with others on. If you have any interest in writing, film or photography, please make sure to answer the 3rd optional question! We will achieve great things this year.