President – Sophie Sigel

Hey Far West!!! I’m Sophie Ruth! I was born and have been raised in the beautiful (818)! My favorite food is cheese. I am severely allergic to dairy… Talk about mixed feelings there! My favorite Jewish Actor is Adam Brody. I am scared of tomatoes, please don’t hold my salsa fears against me! I have this problem where when I smile for too long, my face freezes. But actually, thats why you always find me smiling, my face is frozen happy! I love to sing, especially belt out songs while I drive. I have the singing talents similar to those who I laugh at for not m
aking the auditions on American Idol, (aka none)! Far West, I welcome any and all of you to the passengers’ seat, where we can discuss where you want to take USY and how I can help us get there. Our Far West Cruiser will reach some amazing places by the end of the year, so slow drivers move aside, because we’re gonna be driving in the fast lane! I will work to serve you, the people of far west, in hopes of fulfilling your goals, my goals — our goals. Let’s go road trippin’, USY!