Executive Programming VP – Vanessa Better

3 words to describe myself: Passionate, Hardworking, Nutella (I LOVE that stuff)

What’s crackalakin far west?? My name is Vanessa Better and I couldn’t be happier to be your Executive Vice President for this year. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to make this year the most Ruach filled, best programming, all around coolest year EVER.

Instead of writing a normal intro paragraphing telling you about myself, I am going to do it using song titles. Well, here goes nothing…

I hail from the land of 858, Beth Am San Diego. I am a California Girl(s) through and through. You can always catch me at a Frozen Yogurt place, Just Give Me a Reason why froyo shouldn’t be apart of the food pyramid, it has fruit, it has milk, that’s a good enough argument for me! I can be found during the summers at Camp Ramah, I Love Itthere. Last summer I went on Pilgrimage Poland/Israel 1st Departure and I couldn’t get enough of eretz yisrael! I just wanted to Stay. If you think I don’t enjoy Harry Potter, then you better Dream On, I am quite the HP fanatic and love to have long conversations about it. I also love sloths. I can give you at least 22 reasons why they are fantastic. Also, I am terrified of spiders. They always give me a Heart Attack.

The line between a kid that loves USY and a kid who is OBSESSED with USY is a Blurred Line(s) for me, I love and live everything USY and can’t wait to spend this year Give A Little Love back to a community who has given so much to me. So if you see me around during the year, don’t Walk On By, come up and strike up a conversation, I have a Good Feeling that it will be the start to a new friendship!

Call Me Beep Me If You Wanna Reach Me!

xo Vanessa Better xo