Communications VP – David Gottlieb

Hey everybody welcome to another Far West Newsca—oh wait.

Sorry about that, Far West. Allow me to introduce myself! I’m David Gottlieb, your 2013-2024 Far West Regional Communications VP. The youngest of two children, I was jewishly educated up until my ninth grade year. Since then, I’ve been going to Oakwood.

I am a HUGE Dodger fan. I go to every single Dodger game I can, and watch most of the ones I can’t on TV. If you’d like to hang out some time, I recommend you try to find a time when the Dodgers are out of town. But I don’t just like watching the Dodgers. I like broadcasting Dodger games, as well. For the last five seasons, I’ve been part of the Junior Dodgers Broadcasters program, which has given me the opportunity to interview Dodgers players and coaches, and call Dodger games like you’d hear on the radio. I hope to one day become a baseball broadcaster, so I can communicate (you see what I did there?) the happenings of baseball games to all of the passionate fans who want to know.

I fell in love with USY when I went to my first ever chapter event at Gabe Kachuck’s house in ninth grade. I then went on to join the cast of the Adat Ari El Rabbi’s play, and am excited to rehearse for and perform in my fourth musical with all of my Adat Ari El friends. While I never quite made my chapter board, I’m continually appreciative of the fun, friendships, and experiences my chapter has afforded me throughout my high school career.

I started attending Regional USY events as a sophomore, but did not develop a true passion for Far West until my junior year, when I joined RGB as a Parsha Play Actor and a Far West News Anchor. I emmensely enjoyed my Junior year with the Region. Serving my two RGB positions really made me want to give back and further my USY leadership, and, well, here I am!

As your Regional Comm, it’s my responsibility to make sure you know what’s happeneing in Far West, and I’m going to do it! I promise! So if you find yourself in need of any information (or friendship) don’t hesitate to call, text, Facebook chat, email, tweet, or Snapchat me. Or any other form of communication you can think of.

“So long, Far West!” –Eytan Wallace