About USY

Mission Statement

USY, USCJ’s youth movement, empowers Jewish youth to develop friendships, leadership skills, a sense of belonging to the Jewish People, a deep engagement with and love for Israel, and a commitment to inspired Jewish living through meaningful and fun experiences based in the ideology of an authentic and dynamic Judaism.

About Far West USY


Far West, is the Southern California region of USY, USCJ’s youth movement. Far West includes Southern California, Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Hawaii.

For more than 60 years, USY has taught young Jews the values and skills they need to become exceptional leaders in their religious and secular communities.

USY begins on the chapter level where we recruit our members, train our leaders, and service our synagogues. The next level is the regional level. Far West has variety of activities to bring together members and leaders from the chapters. The third level is the international level, with summer travel programs, International Convention, and special interest clubs. For more information about International USY Programs, click here!